Science communication is an essential part of effective applied ecology and conservation. Below are some of the ways I work with my community and share my work with the public.

Citizen Science

Much of my research comes from working with the citizen science community. I developed and run the WildResearch Nightjar Survey, which has now transitioned to the Canadian Nightjar Survey run by Birds Canada. The program works with several hundred volunteers across the country to survey for nightjars, a group of understudied birds that are of conservation concern. One of the perks of this volunteer work is communicating with and learning from those citizen scientists on a regular basis.

Public Talks

Nightjars are an enigmatic group of birds and I love sharing my appreciation for them in person. I’ve given a number of public talks about my work. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in learning about nightjar conservation and ecology! Here’s an online webinar I gave recently for the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan webinar series.


I write a bi-monthly newsletter that shares news about the WildResearch Nightjar Survey, new nightjar science, and fun nightjar facts to over 400 subscribers. You can check out past issues of the Nightjar News, or sign up to receive future issues!

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Phyloboreal: My partner and I created a boreal version of the science education card game Phylo. You can find it for sale online or at the Royal Alberta Museum.